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Welcome to Efficient Solar/Electrical website. 


Efficient electrical has  been operating since 1986. Our staff have up to 35 years experience.

We not only take pride in all our work, we are fully licensed to provide you with service that is second to none.
We service the Melbourne metropolitan area and have added Solar service and installations to our product range.
We have a page dedicated to Solar in case you have any questions. Check out the rebates.
Buying or selling a house? Arrange for a safety check. 
Have any questions or want a quote call: 03 9803 7881





Grid connected solar power systems harness free energy from the sun that is used firstly by the appliances in your home or business, whilst also allowing your system to feed energy directly back into the electricity grid. These systems do not have battery back up and will not supply power when the electricity grid is down. 

Solar panels mounted on your roof, ground or other structure convert energy from sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. This electricity is then fed into an Inverter which changes the DC current into usable alternating current (AC), the same current that is supplied by the electricity grid. The inverter is wired into your switchboard or sub-board allowing the generated electricity to be fed safely into your home or work place.

Your household energy consumption appliances (etc) will use the solar energy you generate first, and will then use electricity supplied by mains power from the grid for any extra energy required. If your solar system is producing more electricity than is being consumed at any time, the surplus will be fed directly back into the grid via your electricity meter. The electricity meter on your home will be able to calculate for your retailer what you use, as well as the surplus feed-in tariff that is paid or credited back to you. In most installations the existing electricity meter will need to be upgraded. We will organise this for you.

The size of your solar system will determine how much energy you can produce. General domestic and small commercial system sizes range from 1.5kw to 10kw.


Efficient Solar has “A” grade electrician licenses, Builders license, Solar power installation license and  an Austere licence